Awards Schemes

We believe that rewarding hard work and progression is key factor in building confident strong swimmers.

To reward all our little swimmers for their hard work, as well as a free Fun session, every single pupil will receive at least one Woggle Goggle certificate per term.

As well as our own certificates, we also award ASA Learn to Swim certificates and badges as and when a pupil attains a certain ASA Stage.


Please see below for details of all of the certificates we award

Woggle Goggle Awards




Special Award


Big Improver


Excellent Effort


100% Attendance


Keep Trying

ASA Stage Awards

asa stage 1 cert

ASA Learn to Swim-Stage 1

asa stage 2 cert

ASA Learn to Swim – Stage 2

asa stage 3 cert

ASA Learn to Swim – Stage 3

asa stage 4 cert

ASA Learn to Swim – Stage 4

asa stage 5 cert

ASA Learn to Swim – Stage 5

asa stage 6 cert

ASA Learn to Swim – Stage 6

asa stage 7 cert

ASA Learn to Swim – Stage 7

Certificates and badges are free for pupils paying by standing order. There will be additional charges for certificates and badges for pay per term customers. For further details please see details of our payment options.