Kath Ridley- Beth, Jenni & Luke

My 3 children look forward to lessons every week, they would come every day if they could! Their water confidence is amazing and the staff are wonderful.

Trev Milton-Tom Milton

Toms confidence and swimming skills have increased dramatically since starting the lessons, thanks to the great instructors.

Clare Hansford-Finlay & Jonty

Both boys have improved due to your teaching. Many thanks for all your hard work.

Chris Burke-Tom

Toms swimming has come on leaps and bounds he now loves the water because of the excellent teaching team.

Dave Willis-Toby

Toby enjoys his swimming sessions immensely and has really improved his technique. The disciplined teaching is really worthwhile.

Kelly Weir-Jaden Laidlow-Weir

Jaden has improved so much since he started here. His confidence in water has improved and he loves coming every week. Thank you to the excellent team of teachers.

Geoff Carruthers

I Enjoy lessons every week. Improving all the time.

Joan Armstrong

In the first five minutes of my first lesson I learnt to kick my legs properly. It boosted my confidence. I was surprised how such a simple thing could improve my swimming  immediately. I am 56  and have not had a swimming lesson for over 40 years.

Mary Thompson

I enjoy my lessons very much. Everyone is so helpful

Joey Walker-Emily Walker

She has improved a lot since joining. She has shown a lot more confidence in the water. Thank you for your hard work !