Pricing & Policies

Our lesson structure & pricing plans are straight forward and simple.

Our Swimming Programme runs annually and is broken down into three separate swimming terms. Spring, Summer and Autumn. Our swimming terms run in conjunction with the local school terms.

All our lessons are the same price irrespective of age or swimming ability. We have two methods of payment available; customers can choose to pay by monthly standing order or by perm.

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Monthly standing order (our preferred method)

Customers can enrol their child/children for a minimum three full terms of swimming lessons (lasting one full year) and spread the cost of lessons by paying a fixed amount every calendar month.

  • Lesson payments are made via monthly standing order, thus spreading the cost of the lessons over the full duration of a year.
  • All certificates and badges are included in the monthly price.
  • Any additional lessons received are included in the price.
  • Free catch up lessons for authorised absences.
  • No long term lock in. Only 2 months notice is required when leaving the programme
  • Less hassle, once set up no more invoices need paying.


Our current price for monthly Standing order is only £28.50* per month per pupil. Over the whole programme this offers a saving against paying per term.

For further details please enquire about a lesson place or give us a call. You can also download a copy of our full terms and conditions and standing order template.

Pay per term

Customers also have the option to pay for lessons per swimming term.

As each term varies in duration, so does the price. As a guide a 10 week term would cost. £75.00  All lesson fees must be paid for within the first 2 weeks of a swimming term. Instalment payment may be accepted for our longer swimming terms but unfortunately, we cannot accept payment on a lesson by lesson basis.

The cost of certificates and badges are not included in the pay per term price. Woggle Goggle certificates are priced at 70p each and ASA Stage certificates and badges are priced at £3.45 each. However these certificates are optional.

*Please note that prices may vary slightly at different venues, please visit the relevant locations page to confirm pricing for a specific venue

Catch up lesson scheme.

We believe that you should get what you pay for.

If a pupil misses a lesson due to sickness, holidays etc. we will endeavour to recoup your lesson at a later stage. To qualify for a catch up lesson, customers must inform us of any absence at least 24 hours prior to their lesson taking place. If notice is not received or is within 24 hours of a lesson we will not be able to guarantee a catch up lesson. We will always endeavour to do so, but this may not always be possible.

During busy periods we may not be able to catch up all lessons missed in a single term and unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for missed lessons.

To view our full terms & conditions please click here

Free Trial lessons

At quieter periods free trial lessons are also available for new customers who are unsure or nervous about swimming lessons. Please contact us to check for availability.