Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 11th January 2016

This week the pupils were all developing the efficiency of their breaststroke legs.
Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!
Dexter Lightburn – Concentrated hard on remembering and physically doing his bend wide snap for his breaststroke legs. Dexter swam well with his face in the water and had a fantastic go at independently swimming full stroke breaststroke. Good Effort Dexter!









Bill Cooper-Tuer – Listened well and showed great concentration throughout his lesson. This showed in Bill’s swimming as he slowed down and allowed his legs to snap together and straight, enabling Bill to glide through the water. Well Done Bill!









Hayden Bond – Remembered her breaststroke legs well and was able to kick her breaststroke legs without any prompting from an instructor. Hayden swam with her face in the water and lifted her head to breathe when she needed to. Hayden also had a good try and some independent breaststroke. Super Swimming Hayden!









Layla Dickinson – Put in 100% effort into her breaststroke, Layla swam with her face in the water and concentrated hard on using her arms and legs together to swim full stroke breaststroke. Lovely Swimming Layla!









Sam Scott – Despite coming into an unfamiliar class, Sam showed a natural ability to swim using breaststroke legs. Sam also happily attempted to swim his full stroke breaststroke wearing a shark fin. Well Done Sam!









Benjamin Wilson – Benjamin came to the lesson showing his usual enthusiasm to learn. Despite swimming a tricky stroke Benjamin tried his hardest to swim using his breaststroke legs while keeping his face in the water. Fantastic Effort Benjamin!