Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 16th November 2015

This week the pupils were all concentrating on improving their backstroke.

Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!

Hayden Smith – Came to the pool with a positive attitude towards his lesson. Hayden showed fantastic willing and determination to succeed during his lesson, lying flat on his back, managing to keep his head back whilst kicking his legs, having a good go at swimming independently. Super Effort Hayden!


Lucie Benson – Tried her absolute best swimming on her back, managing to get her arms out of the water continually straight, and keeping her legs up. This resulted in Lucie swimming several fantastic lengths of independent backstroke. Excellent Swimming Lucie!


Caleb Thornton – Caleb had a fantastic lesson, lying flat on his back, keeping his toes at the surface of the water while kicking and getting both arms out of the water. Well done Caleb!


Ollie Lake – Ollie drastically improved on his backstroke arm action. His arms were coming out of the water straight and effectively pushing through the water. Ollie swam a fantastic length of full stroke backstroke. Lovely Swimming Ollie!


Jamie Hicks – Focused well during his lesson and but in 100% effort. Jamie kept his toes at the surface of the water while lying on his back and kept his arms moving round continually. Super Swimming Jamie!


Oliver Rippon – Had a fantastic lesson, showing the progression he has made since he started swimming by holding his own floats whilst kicking his legs and smiling throughout his lesson! Lovely Swimming Oliver!


Jayden Todd – Listened carefully to instructions and interpreted teaching points given to him. This showed in his swimming as he relaxed when swimming on his back and tried his best to get his arms out of the water straight. Well Done Jayden!