Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 18th January 2016

This week the pupils were all concentrating on improving their backstroke arms.
Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!
Josh McVicar – Josh worked really hard on his backstroke, keeping his head back in the water and lying flat on his back. Josh pushed off the wall with confidence before starting swimming, bravely carrying on if he got water up his nose. Josh worked well getting his arms out of the water straight and swimming continually. Lovely Swimming Josh!






Jessica Seed – Jessica worked really hard during her lesson developing both the position and timing of her backstroke arms. Jessica had straight arms coming out of the water and kept her arms moving at a good steady speed. This resulted in Jessica swimming 4 fantastic lengths of full stroke backstroke. Well done Jessica!









Thomas Dowling – Showed a great improvement when swimming his full stroke backstroke, keeping his bead back and lying flat on his back. This enabled Thomas to keep his toes at the surface on the water making it easier for Thomas to keep his arms moving round. Good Swimming Thomas!







Harry Wright – Despite being in the water for an hour, Harry tried his hardest during his swimming lesson, swimming continually, focusing on the positioning and timing of his backstroke arms, keeping his arms straight and close to his ears as his arm came out of the water. Harry also managed to keep his head still whilst swimming, enabling him to swim in a straight line. Super Swimming Harry!
Faye – Despite being nervous of swimming on her back, Faye drastically improved her body position in the water by relaxing and putting her ears in the water, keeping her head back and looking at the ceiling. As a result of this Faye bravely swam 2 lengths of independent backstroke. Fantastic Swimming Faye.
Jessica Ratcliffe – Jessica came to the lesson with her usual enthusiasm to learn, Jessica focused on keeping her legs long and using small fast kicks to move her through the water, being careful to keep her knees under the water and her tummy up. This lead to Jessica having a fantastic go and some independent swimming. Well done Jessica!









Kiera Walker – Kiera tried hard during her lesson, lying flat on her back and keeping her head in the water. Despite being nervous on independent swimming, Kiera was very brave and managed to swim a full length on her back with minimal help from our instructors. Excellent Swimming Kiera!