Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 23rd November 2015

This week the pupils were all focusing on the development of their breaststroke, aiming to improve the timings of their legs and arms.

Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!

Emily Brierley –Emily lifted her head to breathe after every arm pull and snapped her legs together enabling her to glide through the water. Emily showed lovely timing of full stoke breaststroke. Super Swimming Emily!


Nathan Wardle – Listened carefully to instructions and focused on turning his feet out, kicking wide and snapping his legs together enabling him to glide through the water. Fantastic Nathan!


Jacob Openshaw – Swam with his face in the water, lifting his head to breathe after every arm pull and really focused on the timing of his full stroke! Lovely Swimming Jacob!


Billy Steele – Slowed down his swimming, enabling him to focus on his leg action, getting the right motion with his legs, ensuring both legs kicked wide and snapped together straight. Well Done Billy!


Lily Blenkinship – Gave her absolute all in her swimming lesson, lying flat, keeping her face in the water whilst swimming, snapping her legs together and gliding through the water! Super Effort Lily


Ella Stephenson – Despite swimming a tricky stroke, Ella was not phased and put her all into her swimming, managing to glide through the water and swimming with her face in. Impressive Swimming Ella!