Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 25th January 2016

This week the pupils were developing their body position for frontcrawl, leading to the development of frontcrawl arms.
Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!
Oliver Grainger – Oliver had a fantastic lesson swimming confidently with his face in the water, keeping his legs up and making a splash with his feet. Oliver practiced his reaching and pulling and ended the lesson by swimming independently. Well Done Oliver!









Henry Allan – Focused hard during his lesson and listened carefully to all the teaching points given to him. This was evident in his swimming as he managed to get both of his arms reaching out and over the water, having a good try at breathing to the side, Super Swimming Henry!









Harry Graham – Harry swam fantastically during his lesson, focusing on getting his arms out of the water every time and turning his head to the side to breathe after every 2 arm pulls. Lovely Swimming Harry!









Lucy Bland – Lucy improved on her overall front crawl technique, slightly rolling her body, enabling her to get her full arm out of the water, and leaving her more time to breathe when looking to the side. Well Done Lucy!









Noah Bowness – Noah came to the lesson with his usual enthusiasm to learn. Noah swam with his face in the water, effectively reaching and pulling with his arms. This lead to Noah swimming 3 lengths of frontcrawl independently. Impressive Swimming Noah!







Alice Butler – Alice improved her overall stroke of frontcrawl by speeding up her kicking and lying flat on the water, either with her chin on the water, or her face in the water. Alice also practiced the reaching and pulling for her front crawl arms, leading to Alice having a good go at swimming her full stroke front crawl. Fantastic Swimming Alice!








Jade Ewbank – Listened well and showed great concentration throughout the lesson, this was evident in the quality of her swimming, leading to Jade developing her frontcrawl and swimming independently. Well done Jade!