Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 26th October 2015

This week the pupils were all focusing on the development of their backstroke, especially aiming to improve their body position in the water and the efficiency of their kicks.

Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!

Kit Morton – Came to the pool with a positive attitude towards his lesson. Kit showed willing and determination to succeed during his lesson, lying flat on his back, managing to keep his head back whilst kicking his legs, having a good go at swimming independently. Super Effort Kit!


Lola McGinley – Concentrated hard when listening to and acting upon teaching points given. Lola showed a good body position in the water, keeping her head back and toes up whilst swimming. Well Done Lola!


Cora Munro- Stayed in the water for an hour, showing great commitment to her swimming lesson. Cora gave her lesson her all, listening carefully to instructions and managing to swim 4 widths independently! Impressive Swimming Cora!


Ellie Mae Stephenson – Tried her absolute best swimming on her back, managing to get her arms out of the water continually straight, and keeping her legs up. This resulted in Ellie Mae swimming 2 fantastic lengths of independent backstroke. Excellent Swimming Ellie Mae!


Warren Thompson – Drastically improved his body position in the water by relaxing and getting his ears in the water whilst kicking his legs, having a good go at getting his arms out of the water and swimming independently.

Evie Benson – Had a fantastic lesson, showing the progression she has made since she stared swimming by holding her own floats whilst kicking her legs and smiling throughout her lesson! Lovely Swimming Evie! 


Kiera Walker – Kiera stayed in the water for an hour, this lead to Kiera really getting into her swimming lesson, relaxing more in the water when lying on her back and gaining more confidence swimming independently on her back! Well Done Kiera!