Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 2nd November 2015

This week the pupils were all focusing on the development of their breaststroke, aiming to improve the timings of their legs and arms.

Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!

Sam Darley – Listened carefully to instructions and interpreted teaching points given to him. This showed in his swimming as he lifted his head to breathe after every arm pull and snapped his legs together enabling him to glide through the water. Sam showed lovely timing of full stoke breaststroke. Super Swimming Sam!

Jess McVicar – Came to the lesson showing her usual enthusiasm to learn! Jess massively improved on the timings of her full stroke breaststroke, showing regular, rhythmical breathing and excellent co-ordination. Lovely Swimming Jess!

Jake – Liam Sowerby – Worked hard on the efficiency of his breaststroke legs. Jake showed confidence when swimming with his face in the water and using his breaststroke legs to power him through the water without the use of his arms. Impressive Swimming Jake! 

Matilda Nicol – Swam tremendously, putting her all into developing her breaststroke legs, resulting in Matilda swimming 2 fantastic lengths full stroke breaststroke! Matilda got the hang of looking forwards to breathe after ever arm pull! Super swimming Matilda!


Charlie Chambers – Swam brilliantly throughout the lesson with his face in the water. Charlie stayed calm throughout his lesson which showed in his swimming as he slowed down his breaststroke legs in order to improve the efficiency of the overall stroke. Well Done Charlie!

Hannah Sandelands – Although swimming a tricky stroke, Hannah was not phased and put in 100% effort when developing her breaststroke legs and arms, leading to Hannah having a good go at swimming independently. Amazing Swimming Hannah!

Nassim Dauma- Gave his absolute all in his swimming lesson, lying flat, keeping his face in the water whilst swimming, snapping his legs together and gliding through the water! Impressive Swimming Nassim!