Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 30th November 2015

This week the pupils were all concentrating on improving their front crawl arm action leading to breathing to the side.

Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!

Bailey Richardson – Despite being tired, and being put in a different class for a catch up lesson, Bailey tried his absolute best, swimming continually for half an hour, improving both his stamina and stroke technique. Well Done Bailey!


Gracie Dakin – Tried her hardest during her lesson. Gracie worked well swimming with her face in the water and getting both arms out of the water. Good Work Gracie!


Lucy Solomon – Tried really hard during her lesson listening and acting upon teaching points given to her, although finding independent swimming scary, Lucy overcame her fears and had a fantastic go at swimming a width independently! Super Swimming Lucy!

Lauren Thompson – Really concentrated hard getting both of her arms out and over the water, turning her head to the side and breathing after every 3 arm pulls. Impressive Swimming Lauren!


Molly Simpson – Listened to instructions and acted upon teaching points given to her. Molly remained in a streamlined position, lifting her arms out and over the water when swimming her full stroke. Well Done Molly!