Swimmer of the Week Award W/C 4th January 2016

This week the pupils were developing their frontcrawl arms, leading to breathing to the side.
Congratulations to all the pupils who won this week’s award!
Benjamin Wilkinson – Focused on keeping his legs long, kicking from the hip, resulting in Benjamin using small fast leg kicks to propel him through the water. Benjamin kicked continually as he was swimming from one side of the pool to the other. Benjamin also showed bravery when jumping into the pool as he went completely under the water and resurfaced with a smile on his face! Well done Benjamin!









Caitlin Chappelhow– Tried really hard during her lesson, listened and acted upon teaching points, leading to Caitlin swimming with her face in the water and reaching effectively with her arms. Excellent effort Caitlin!









Theo Winstanley – Worked well getting both of his arms out of the water when swimming frontcrawl. Theo focused hard during his lesson and this was evident in his swimming. Good work Theo!
Alexandra Flack – Swam fantastically with her face in the water, managing to lift both of her arms high out of the water. Alexandra swam 4 fantastic lengths in a streamlined position. Lovely Swimming Alexandra!






Sophie Mason – This was Sophie’s first lesson in a more advanced group. Sophie adopted to the lesson change well and gave her all during her lesson. Sophie swam continually during her 30 minute lesson, incorporating regular bi lateral breathing. Impressive Swimming Sophie!

Isabelle Graham – Listened well and showed great concentration and enthusiasm throughout her lesson. Isabelle had a good go at swimming independently with her face in the water, using her arms and legs to move through the water. Super Swimming Isabelle!









Caleb Erasmus – Despite being in the water for an hour Caleb showed an endless enthusiasm to learn during his lesson. Caleb was brave when swimming at the deep end of the pool with his face in the water and had a good go at swimming with no floats.Well Done Caleb!