Swimming Programme

Learning to swim should always be a safe and fun experience, which is why our swimming programme is structured around these core principals.


  • Every lesson is overseen by a senior swimming instructor, who is supported by fully qualified swimming assistants thereby ensuring pupils are given our full attention.
  •  All our lessons are individually focused, which means we place emphasis on each child’s individual needs and requirements.
  • We keep our class sizes to a minimum which ensures we can provide extra help and attention when required. We will never over subscribe classes for financial gain.
  • Classes are well paced and pupils swim for the full duration of the lesson.
  • We encourage our pupils to work hard during the lesson and will ensure every pupil receives the necessary individual tuition required to improve their swimming skills.

The Woggle Goggle Swimming Programme


On entry to the programme, each pupil’s ability will be assessed before being allocated a place in the most appropriate class.

Pupils are grouped by age and ability to ensure confidence and continual development. The Woggle Goggle Swimming programme is based around and works within the boundaries of the ASA Learn to swim framework. It is incorporated into our own programme, which is split into three terms a year, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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swimming levels