At Woggle Goggle Swimming School we are very confident in our ability to teach children and Adults to swim. However, don’t just take our word for it, please see below what some of our customers have said about us.


Sam Eggleston-Maisy & Bebe

In a matter of 4 weeks we can see a significant differences in the swimming ability of both our girls. Our 7 year has no fear but just didn’t seem to progress and we couldn’t understand why. The teaching here really works, what a difference. Our 5 year old was fearful and on her first lesson only stayed in the pool for about 10 mins then sat and cried, she just hadn’t gained confidence or progressed elsewhere we thought the transition to a large pool would never happen. Well tonight she swam a width with a float on her own – absolutely amazing. The best bit was the huge grin on her face. Thank you.

Carol Yerkess-Leo

I have only been taking Leo for one term but the improvement is great he is getting more and more confident in the water, I can’t believe how much he loves it. Its all thanks to Jackie and the team. Looking forward to more lessons in the future

Jonathan Walkingshaw-Esme Beau Sadie

Frustrated at the lack of progress of one of our daughters, Esme, we moved all three girls to Woggle Goggle as Jackie had been involved in teaching our son to swim a number of years ago and he had gained water confidence quickly and progressed well.

We have not yet finished our first term of lessons yet all three girls have improved dramatically, none more so than Esme. Jackie keyed into Esme’s competitive streak and has used this to motivate her to fulfil her potential. What’s more the team at Woggle Goggle don’t wait until the end of a block to move children up a group; when they are ready to progress, they move straight away.

My eldest daughter Beau, like Esme has begun to develop a much more efficient swimming style as lessons have focussed upon technique, and Jackie has nurtured Beau, coaching her through her first Duathlon. Sadie at three years old couldn’t be more enthusiastic about Woggle Goggle and really looks forward to her swim sessions.

In short Jackie and the Woggle Goggle team are passionate about swimming and fabulous at helping young swimmers find their swimming mojo!

Linzi Reay-Harvey

My Son Harvey has been coming to Woggle Goggle for a year now! He wasn’t very confident in the water but is now in the Advanced Group. He loves swimming now and is so confident. The Staff are brilliant with him and he’s very comfortable with them….:-)

Lisa Ivinson-Logan

Since starting Woggle Goggle in July (9 months) Logan’s confidence and swimming ability has improved significantly. I believe this is because of the structure of the lessons and encouragement from the team. Thank you.

Keith & Katy Ainsworth-Megan

I am thrilled with Megan’s progress. She is really enjoying swimming lessons now. Finally!! The support given by Woggle Goggle is excellent. Thank you.

Danny & Maddy Teasdale-Evie Lightburn

We are really pleased with how Evie has come on. She really enjoys her swimming lessons.

Hayley Hodgson-Ruby & Declan

Ruby & Declan are really enjoying their swimming lessons. The help and support they get is great.

Cathy Mooney-Eris

Eris loves the swimming and she has come on leaps and bounds.

Martyn Swaby-Oliver & Michaela

Both children have gained confidence thanks to the fantastic effort of the instructors.

Kath Ridley- Beth, Jenni & Luke

My 3 children look forward to lessons every week, they would come every day if they could! Their water confidence is amazing and the staff are wonderful.

Trev Milton-Tom Milton

Toms confidence and swimming skills have increased dramatically since starting the lessons, thanks to the great instructors.

Clare Hansford-Finlay & Jonty

Both boys have improved due to your teaching. Many thanks for all your hard work.

Chris Burke-Tom

Toms swimming has come on leaps and bounds he now loves the water because of the excellent teaching team.

Dave Willis-Toby

Toby enjoys his swimming sessions immensely and has really improved his technique. The disciplined teaching is really worthwhile.

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